Castles in Wales

Travels with me aren't

As lockdown gradually lifted in the spring of 2021, opportunities for Covid-secure travel began to open. Open being the operative word here.  Whilst visiting indoor attractions was still not possible, visiting outdoor heritage sites provided an antidote to cabin fever.

North Wales has a lot to offer. Its castles have a different history from those built by Norman Marcher lords in the south. Here, castles were built by the native Princes but captured by Edward I, who then built his own ring of castles.

The Bath Tower in Caernarfon is a wonderful (and very socially-distanced) base for a castle-themed tour. Part of Edward I’s fortified town wall built at the same time as his castle, it is now managed through the Landmark Trust. Four floors, a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom and functional heating provide comfortable accommodation. No wifi or TV, but who needs that? Far more relaxing to curl up with…

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