Open days, open doors

If you love a peek behind closed doors, and local history piques your interest, then September offers you a bumper bundle of opportunities to satisfy your curiosity.

Each constituent nation of the UK has its own heritage programme this month:-

In England, the events come under the umbrella of Heritage Open Days and they run from 9-18 September

For Scotland, the theme is Doors Open Days and the events are at the weekends, with the focus on different regions for each weekend

The Welsh version, known as Open Doors, is coordinated by Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, and runs throughout September

Northern Ireland celebrates its architecture, history and culture over the weekend of 10-11 September with digital events during the previous week

Many of the sites included in these programmes are not usually open to the public. And entry is free, across the board.

Where will you be discovering a piece of the UK’s heritage this month?

Pictured: Margate Caves in Kent, where entry is free daily between Friday 9 – Friday 16 September

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